Friendly, optimistic, passionate, a master of subtle confidence, Atoya is a natural motivator. Experiencing the best of both worlds, she graduated from Mississippi State University (SEC) and obtained a Master’s of Business Administration from Southern University and A&M College (HBCU). Currently a Senior Financial Analyst for the largest accounting firm in her state, she is a wife, mother, and someone who many call a friend.


Impacting the lives of hundreds of women ranging in relationships from family and friends to perfect strangers, Atoya’s down to earth approach and conversational delivery of inspiration are sure to move you to a place of heightened self-awareness and confidence.  Just as many women have, Atoya has overcome the stifling effect of fear to walk in her purpose, depression, anxiety, and broken the generational chains of lack and mediocrity. Atoya credits being a believer for the ability to live an inspired, faith-filled life.


Having identifying her gift, she now understands what's required of her to deposit into the world. One of the most valuable lessons that she would like to share with women near and far is that you truly cannot give from an empty cup. Self care is necessary. It allows you to serve others from a place of overflow.

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