The Work Then Werk Movement is a motivational lifestyle brand created by Atoya Follins to equip women with the necessary mindset and tools that are needed to live an inspired, faith-filled life. Through books, empowering events, and workshops, The Work Then Werk Movement helps women discover their unique gifts and boldly walk in their purpose. 


The work then werk concept, was initially used as a mantra to push determined participants of a twenty one day health and fitness challenge, but has quickly become a way of life. To work then werk is a journey of self discovery, self love, and the celebration of yourself. 

This movement is here to help you plan your work and werk you plan.

About the Movement

/wərk/ - a celebratory display of liveliness, self-confidence, and fiery bold attitudes as the direct result of doing the work

The Work Then Werk Movement is committed to empowering women by providing opportunities to network, plan, and go forth in taking actionable steps towards reaching personal goals.  Join the movement and stay connected for upcoming events and activities by signing up below.  

Workshops and Events

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