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Dear Sis, Let It Go

Let's just get this out of the way - it was never yours and it's time to let it go. Hopefully by the end of this post, you'll understand exactly what I mean. It's time to let go of the things that are not meant for you and make room for the many blessings that are.  

Two of the most common things that we tend to hold on to for far longer than we should are dead end relationships and jobs that we absolutely hate. It’s so strange how important these things are to the quality of our lives, yet we tend to get them wrong quite a few times before actually getting them right.

Let’s start with relationships! When it comes to relationships, you may have experienced the girlfriend who presented herself as your bff, but ended up being more like your “best enemy.” Then there may have been a man who promised to take care of your heart, but somehow forgot what was said and ran amuck with multiple women outside of you. For time’s sack chile, we'll focus on the these men.

Staying with the wrong man can be detrimental to just about every area of your life! I have literally witnessed people I love experience the lowest times in their lives by refusing to let go of men who were incapable of loving on their level or who would never understand the depth of their being. There will be people who don’t vibrate on the same frequency as you. They never will. They were never supposed to. Your work in these situations is to recognize that you can't love a person into submission or faithfulness, and that it's simply up to you to let it go.

9 to 5(s) are tricky sis. We decide on a major in college, luckily secure positions in the planned field, but then we hate it! LOL. I once worked for a company that really worked my last nerve. Whew girrrrrrrl! Everyday I had to pray myself out of bed. I’m talking at least twenty minutes of prayer where I begged God for strength just to get up and walk in the place! It drained me, but because it paid the bills, I operated under the assumption that I had to endure. WRONG ANSWER. Life isn’t about enduring, holding on by a thread, or barely making it. It’s more so about understanding the things that water you in both your professional and personal life and then finding ways to thrive and profit from those things.

I eventually quit and took a one year contracted position. I didn't care if it was only contracted for one day - I wanted out of my current situation. God is so good though, I loved my new position, my coworkers became family, and I was there for 7 years!

Now, I'm sure you can’t walk in, turn over desks, and throw your middle finger in the air (lol), but if you're feeling anything like I did, the position is simply not for you. That whole scenerio would be kind of epic though. I can see yall now claiming that I advised you turn all the way up. ;). Don't yall try it! My tribe is decent and in order at all times. Lol. 

Be sure to checkout my previous blog post sis, Cardi 101: Do You. In order to move from an idea of letting something go to an actionable game plan, you have to make sure that to yourself - you're being 100% true. 

Talk to you all soon! 

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You all always asks about the outfits I'm wearing in my blog posts. The truth is that it's usually something old, but I'll start including details. No deets on this lil blush number. It was a gift from my bff. No seriously - not a frenemy. A real girlfriend. ;)


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