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Class Was In Session: Did You Take Notes? - Jill Scott vs. Erykah Badu

Jilly From Philly: You Look Beautiful

Mother Badu: I Feel Beautiful

These were the words shared between the sultry and amazing Jill Scott and the soulful, clearly beautiful Erykah Badu on Saturday night during an Instagram live. These Neo-soul queens came together and blessed us in ways you could never imagine. Now supposedly this meeting of incense and aromatherapy oils was a music battle where they would showcase their talents, skills, and abilities as renown musical artist, but in terms of a battle - girl no maam!

Honey this was more like a three hour therapy session with your Afrocentric aunt who keeps it 100% real. The imagery, the lightening, the sound were all on point! I could literally smell the candles that I assumed they were burning in their rooms. I mean clearly they had candles lit, right?

When you experience something of this magnitude - you have to take notes of the gems being dropped and the life lessons that the teacher is giving just by being who they naturally are.

Every woman in the room, or watching the live, or however you want to think about this, LOL, was raised to a higher frequency and lovingly forced to reflect and tap into her own personal power.

Now I've always been a good student and I'm a forever student of this thing called life, so take ALL the notes is exactly what I did! Here's what was confirmed.

1. It's totally time out for being afraid to share your gifts with the world. It's mandatory for you to walk in your purpose. Your talents and abilities are gifts from God. You using them is your gift to Him. Put in the WORK!

2. Peace has a look - but you have to do your part. It's obvious through their music that both of these women have experienced their own share of pain, but after you have weathered the storm and found your peace - people can see it from a mile away! Jill gave us the last GLOW honey. Her face literally reflected love and light! Erykah looked like mother earth. I know that sounds weird, but she's so naturally beautiful you would think she gives life to all things and asks for nothing in return.

3. Your purpose has a feel. When you walk in it - people grab a hold of it and respond with a stank face a.k.a. the inability to respond with words but rather give a frown of approval of your work. There is a feeling that only you can give and sometimes it cannot be verbally explained. You need a visual of this? Of course you do! LOL. See below.

All in all sis, this night was one that I will never forget. This was a display of the magic that we all possess when we discover and run in our perspective lanes. I was inspired by the music, their passion, and their execution. BTW - did you know that inspiration means in spirit? Any who sis -

if you feel stuck and know that you are holding on to your gift and not sharing it with the world, checkout my new book - Girl, You Have Purpose. It will help you identify your secret sauce and level up just as Jilly From Philly and Mother Badu recently showed us how to do.

Let's work,


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