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For the mom who is tired of being a burned out version of herself and ready to become energetic, purposeful, and fulfilled.

is this you?

Mompreneur feeling overwhelmed in life and business

Mom attempting to balance motherhood, work life, and self care

Working Mom wanting to live in purpose beyond your 9 to 5

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i totally understand.

You’re making to-do lists in order to be clear on the things that you need to get done, but you still find yourself overwhelmed. You know that if you could take better care of yourself that you would then be able to take better care of others, so you do the work to indulge in self care, but the lack of consistency always wins.

You haven’t been able to figure out the formula to create the flow between home life, professional life, and self preservation that allows you to live in a way that feels purposeful and authentic to the person that you truly are.

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TOGether we can help you breathe
again by

Identifying your stressors

Revealing the real source or cause of the issues

Determining what actions can be taken to eliminate the problem

Evaluating your progress, and

Celebrating your wins

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i can help!

This is where I come in 

  • to organize the chaos 

  • remove overwhelm

  • help position you for happiness and fulfillmenT

Yes, you’ve been making plans for your day, but I’ll now show you how to make plans that align with your view of motherhood and the God given purpose for your life.


Will help you clearly identify where boundaries and limitations of your time and energy are needed. You’ll reveal what mindless activities may be hindering you from reaching your goal of living a purposeful and well balanced life.


You have values that have taken the backseat to your roles and responsibilities; we’ll change the narrative and design a life that focuses first on the things that are important to you as a working mom.

Time is our most valuable resource. Once time is gone, we’ll never get it back, because of this it’s important that you cherish and create your life’s moments and not allow burnout, stress, and frustration to overtake you.

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coaching offer

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working mom


You’ve tried everything from affirmations to self-help books to gain control of your life, but unfortunately you still haven’t found the thing that will ignite the shift that you need.


You’ve spoken to those around you for tips on how they’re managing all of their roles and responsibilities, and if they have discovered their life’s purpose only to find that they too are struggling with it all


7- 60 Minute Telephone or Tele-Conference Coaching Sessions

Full weekly email support throughout the 7 week program

Weekly Action Plan Review and Feedback

Private Online Community

3 Ways To Beat Burnout In the Next 90 Days

Bonus: 20 Minute Follow-Up Session (End of Program)

client feedback



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"Atoya helped me develop the mindset necessary to create the life that I desire."

I met Atoya on the first day of starting a new job. Immediately I knew that our interaction with each other would be special. After watching her build her platform and how she helped other women through coaching and in person events - I decided to work with her regarding my business. Atoya's approach was relatable and effective.

Atoya helped me connect with the WHY not only in my business, but also in my life. I have learned that understanding why you do something is oftentimes more important than the exact thing you desire to do. Thank you Atoya for helping me get laser focused and setting a solid foundation for my business and taking control of my personal life. 

Nicole Freeman of Encouraging Words with Nicole

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Although Atoya is my friend, I honor and respect the gift of counsel that God has given her and have worked with her on a professional level through her coaching programs, conference calls, and more.

Before working with Atoya, I was hesitant about building my somewhat nontraditional business outside of my 9 to 5. Atoya helped me build the confidence that I was in need of to boldly pursue my entrepreneurial journey and deepen my overall commitment to honoring myself.

Dr. Londeria Taylor - Intimacy Coach


your life before
working with me

your life after
working with me

  • Racing Thoughts of All the Things You Need to Do

  • Feeling Drained By Your Roles and Responsibilities as  a Working Mom

  • Experiencing Bouts of Anxiety

  • You Never Seem to Have Enough Time

  • Have a Personalized Mom Life Management Strategy

  • Obtain Maximum Productivity with the Least Effort

  • Reduce Your Stress by Prioritizing and Categorizing Your Activities

  • Set Energy and Time Budgets

  • Confidently Identify and Live Your Life’s Purpose

  • Develop a Sustainable Mom Care Routine

  • Create Effective Work-Life Flow

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