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20 Guilt Free Self-Care Ideas for Working Moms

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Creating a sustainable, inexpensive self-care routine as a working mom has it's challenges. No matter how much you do in the workplace or on the home front, you still feel guilty when it comes to prioritizing yourself.


What would life look though, if you were able to find the things that work specifically for you?


Self-care is the highest form of self-love. When you are able to nurture yourself and fill your own cup, everyone attached to you wins.

In this resource, I am giving you 20, totally guilt free, ways to not only start taking better care of yourself, but to make it a lifestyle. 

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Three Ways to Beat Burnout_edited_edited

3 Ways to Beat Burnout in the Next 90 Days

What would your life look like if you could interrupt the cycle of overwhelm that you currently feel and finally make the shift from weary to winning in your everyday life?


How would it feel to lighten your load and take control of your day and not let the laundry lists of things that you need to do control you?


The fact of the matter is, time stress accounts for a majority of the pressure you feel in your personal and professional life. When you consistently feel the weight of trying to do all of the things with limited time, you find yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally drained.


In 3 Ways to Beat Burnout in The Next 90 Days, I’ll show you how to live your life in a way that allows you to put the things that are truly important first, reclaim your time, and prioritize your well being.

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Creating a Balanced Wardrobe_edited.jpg

Balanced Wardrobe Style Guide

Did you know that creating balance in your wardrobe could be used as a tool to creating balance in your life? I know – as a mom you spend more time making sure the kids are good and dressed well versus streamlining your closet. As a professional you’re more concerned with the task you need to complete versus what you should wear while doing it. The only problem here is that you’ve placed yourself on the back burner and now when getting dressed for work or a simple night out, it turns into a whirlwind of emotion and robs you of the ability to ease into your day or enjoy time with family and friends.


You’ve likely bought more clothing thinking that this would be the exact thing you needed to mend the broken relationship between you and your closest, only to later find out that buying more actually added to the chaos and confusion.


Balancing your wardrobe helps you create ease in your life life by allowing you to spend less time worried about how you look or what to wear and more time focusing on the value adding activities of your life.


I’ve created a Wardrobe Style Guide that will give you 32 secrets to create the structure you need in your closet and your life.


Thank you Atoya for this life saver that not only allows me to balance my closet but to also balance my time.

Atoya’s style guide took the guesswork out of it for me and helped bring more balance to my day by allowing me to not waste a ton of time deciding what to wear. I no longer have to walk around a store trying to find things I like or sit and stare in my closet. The style guide gives me a checklist of interchangeable must-haves. I can now create so many looks by the basic pieces that Atoya highlighted in the guide.

Stephanie Matt - Productivity Coach

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