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Bring Back The Holidays

Can we just bring back the holidays already? From company events to house parties and swanky black tie galas, much-needed celebrations were in full effect. I totally love this time of the year because it gives you a reason to dress up, be fancy, and as extra as your heart can dream. Part of doing your work as a mother and wife involves taking the time to let your hair down and just breathe.

As weird as it may seem, dressing up is therapeutic for me. It breaks up the monotony of the day to day hustle and flow. After seeing this sexy little number on several different occasions, I finally clicked the button and had it delivered to my front door. I know you’re wondering, “well where else would you have it delivered?” LOL. When you’re married girl, sometimes you have to ease the husband into these purchases, especially when the only reason for buying is that the outfit was irresistibly cute and takes you to your happy place. Imagine telling your husband, “babe I need this outfit because wearing it is totally therapeutic for me.” Not quite the easiest conversation. Give it a try with your husbands and let me know how it goes! LOL.

Luckily though, the hubby loved it and kept giving me the eye. Y'all know the eye you get when your man recognizes that you’re looking all fine and mentally prepares his mind for later that night. I hope you enjoyed your holiday events ladies. I’m sure you all were fancy and that you didn’t forget to WORK THEN WERK. More importantly though, I hope that during the holidays, as well as throughout the year, you don't forget to do more of the things that work for you. More of the things that put a smile on your face and make you feel good about yourself. Even if it involves playing dress up and being extra for the day, put the outfit and strut chile as if you're on a runway!

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