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3 Tips To Ensure Your Man Feels The Love

Valentine’s Day is a very intentional time that we show our companions just how much we love and appreciate them, but what happens the other 364 days of the year? I have always been that girlfriend, now wife, who gets a kick out of attempting to out love their partner. Everything we do in life typically comes with an unspoken dose of competition. Why do we not also apply this concept in love?

Now let's be clear, if you are dealing with someone, whom you have not quite reached a place of communicated commitment and trust, then girl don’t be giving all your magic away! However, even if you are not in this place with someone, it’s never too soon to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

So, either we have a man that’s really our man and he’s earned his keep, or we know that Boaz is on the way and we want to be locked and loaded when he shows up. Grab your pen and paper girl, I’m about to give you three tips that are guaranteed to have your man feeling like its Valentine’s Day on any day that you choose.

1. Wear Red Pants:

Ok not really, but where I’m going with this is that you should never underestimate the power of a cute outfit. Men are visual and we’re talking about your man, so why not give him a little eye candy from time to time. Now I’m not suggesting that you dress up and be extra on a daily basis (unless that’s really your flow), but I am encouraging you to maybe plan a random date night, wear his favorite scent, and throw on something that you know he’ll love. Need outfit inspiration? Scroll up girl! Bold red pants and a bell-sleeved shirt are sure to have you and your boo feeling the vibe.

2. Smile:

I know what you’re thinking. What is she talking about? Just trust me on this. I promise I wouldn’t lead you astray. A simple smile goes a long way. What’s even more important is the time at which you do it. As often as possible, greet your man with a smile. For example, when my husband and I see each other for the first time after a sometimes long and tiring day, I smile when I see him. This automatically puts a smile on his face. What happens is you smile, he smiles, and now y’all flirting girl. LOL. You both will definitely feel the love and blush like teenagers. As I am typing this, I'm sitting here with a grin on my face. It’s funny how such a small thing could have a major feel good impact. It’s almost too easy to do.

3. Be Attentive:

Sis, listen when the man speaks. What I mean by that is pay attention to his interests, passions, experiences, etc. You can take these things and maybe create an experience for him that he’ll never forget. Need an example? Ok girl. Let me explain. When I met my husband, he had never had a birthday party. Never! I also knew that he loved spending time with his family and friends, and that he would typically always agree to attend birthday parties or events of that nature with me. For his 35th birthday, I asked him to go to a crawfish boil at a co-workers house. My husband had no idea that one of his best friends agreed that I could have a surprise cookout at his home. I will never forget the look of shock on my husband’s face. The place was full of food, family, friends, and all of our kids. It was such a beautiful night. I didn’t break the bank, and simply by listening, I gave him his first and possibly best birthday party ever.

So sis, I have given you three easy tips that are tried and true. Now it's time that you do your work and test them out! Let me know how it goes girl and when you wear your red pants, you betta werk! :) I absolutely love love and February 14th, but let’s intentionally do this thing much more often. Let's WORKTHENWERK throughout the entire year!

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