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Pour the bubbly. Add some juice. Top with fruit. Enjoy: A Mom-osa Shower

Sis – did you know that it’s perfectly fine to sometimes go against the grain? You don’t always have to color inside the lines of other people’s picture! The manner in which you handle your marriage, raise your children, or decide to approach spirituality is all on you!  This year, moreso than the years before, I’ve realized that you truly only have one life to live and it HAS to be lived to the absolute fullest! It can sometimes be difficult to free yourself of the need to have the approval of every family member and friend, but it’s time sis that you did things your way. Your tribe and the people who support you will always find you and they’ll ride with you until the very end.

A few weeks ago – I decided to flex my individuality by planning a MOM-OSA shower versus a typical baby shower. I wanted an event that celebrated the upcoming arrival of my baby girl, but also called for music, cocktails, and fun! No toilet paper games, no fill in the blanks, and no guessing the name of smashed chocolate. A toned down turn up was exactly what I had in mind. I'll gladly support you at your shower if that's what you want - but as for me and my house - not this time around. LOL.

My latest bout of individuality was in planning a baby shower, but yours may be in something far more important like giving your children the freedom to express their feelings versus the "you ain't got no feelings" mentally under which most of us were raised. O wait - am I the only one who had that type of family? Girl stop - you know your grandma nem didn't play that. LOL. The point is - I’m encouraging you to find your strength. The strength to not let the opinions and customary practices of others dull your shine. If a simple baby shower brought me joy – imagine the happiness that is waiting to be found when you live your life knowing that to the most intimate parts of yourself, you are wholeheartedly being true.

When you march to the beat of your own tune – they’ll be elements of the journey you'll absolutely love. Let’s take a look girl and talk about the top three things I loved about my MOM-OSA shower.

1.      Invites/Décor/Flowerwall: I’m a pretty classy girl right????? Girl please, we all got some ratchet in us, lol, but I wanted an invite that would look amazing and set the tone for the energy and the simple elegance of the shower decor. I received quite a few compliments on the invitations. So glad you liked them sis - thank you!

Now -  this flowerwall! Chile at the last minute the vendor for the flowers had an emergency and couldn't deliver. Sis - the decorator must have been a magician girl because she pulled a few white curtains and pink flowers out of a nowhere and it all turned out great. Before the night was over I ended up sliding the table to the side and used the wall as a cute little photo backdrop.

Two snaps and a neckroll girl. The decor did it's thang!

2.      MOM-OSA Bar: Even though I can’t drink (no worries – I’ll be back soon) who doesn’t love a nice cocktail! Honey I must have had my sister and mom drinking all kinds of bubbly to make sure we had the perfect mix. From what I’m told the ASTI, fruit, and different juice that we settled on were a hit! And how cute is this little sign made by one of my good good girlfriends! I loved it!

3.      Prayer Circle: I told yall I am saved, sanctified, and full of the holy ghost! Stop laughing – it’s true. :) I asked the same girlfriend who made the Mom-osa sign (yes believers and cocktails do mix - lol) to lead us in prayer for not only my family – but every parent and child connected to my husband and I. Though the dj led us in the spirit of Baton Rouge jig at one point and time, my girl must have prayed down the windows of heaven, LOL, the glory of the Father was all in place! Somebody give him a praise! No seriously - you better praise him right nah. :)

Needless to say - I'm happy that I rocked the baby shower my way. You can trust that these type of decisions will not stop here.  Sis you inner voice or intuition are all the direction that you need.

Stop playing small and learn to trust yourself, dream in color, and as always live on purpose and out loud. 

If you have not already - join the tribe girl. Signup for my email list and lets continue to #workthenwerk

Ttyl loves, 


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