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July 18th - July 20th

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Are you tired of letting your professional wins rob you of your personal well being?


Are you overwhelmed as a wife, mom, or high achiever and looking to organize the chaos and confusion in your life by learning to stress less and live more?

Say less!

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Here’s How It Works:
You’ll be invited to join our private FaceBook. There will be a live training each day inside of the FaceBook group. To accompany the challenge, you will receive a Sustainable Self Care workbook that will help you take actionable steps to level up your self-care routine. 

By The End of This Challenge – You Will Be Able To:

1. Define what self care personally means to you
Most people are attempting cookie cutter self care that doesn’t work for who they are.

2. Create a sustainable plan that fits into your busy schedule
You need a customized plan based on your lifestyle to reach and sustain your self-care goals.

3. Execute your plan every single day
If self care activities are unrealistic – the chances of you fitting them into your day are slim to

So Why Am I Doing The Challenge?

I’ve seen women do everything for everybody, shatter glass ceilings, and be the cornerstones of their families all while disregarding their own mental and emotional health. I believe that this doesn’t have to be the case. We can show-up effectively in every area of our lives while maintaining our wellbeing. It’s time that we not only save some of ourselves for ourselves, but that we fill our cups first and pour from the overflow.

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