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I Decided To Go For It

Two years ago, I took my love for fitness and helping others to a new level. I became a Beachbody health and fitness coach. Up until this day, I still consider this one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. Making money, working for my best adult body, and helping people at the same time - I mean this was genius right? LOL.

Part of the business involved hosting private challenge groups. Although these groups were meant to provide support in terms of fitness, they somehow became the safe haven for women to bear their deepest insecurities. Together we tackled issues such as body image, relationships, and how to find your lane when attempting to balance it all. I’ve always been an advocate of female empowerment, but it was almost as if becoming a coach was God’s way of forcing me to use what I had. Forcing me to glow up and inspire women in reaching their goals in multiple areas of their lives.

One of the catch phrases used to push challengers of my group was to #workthenwerk. This became the mantra that encouraged them and kept them engaged. I knew that if they put in the work in terms of their diets and physical activity that they would later enjoy the fruit of their labor. I knew that they would begin to receive that congratulatory response to "werrrrrrrrrrk" from everyone who witnessed their transformations. I totally lived for it! After a few months of using this phrase, I personally began to apply this thought process in my marriage, parenting, in my career, and my approach to self-preservation. One morning I woke up and actually said out loud, "Well I be damn! This thing has really become a way of life!"

We are living in a time where depression, anxiety, and division among women are at an all-time high. While hosting Beachbody challenge groups, I realized there was a need for us to have support not only in fitness, but also in doing this thing called life. This was the beginning of The WORK THEN WERK movement. My love for fitness birthed my urgency to create a platform to uplift, inspire, and motivate. My most intimate belief is that this movement is so much bigger than me. I'm only the vessel that is being used to do the work. So here I am girl, planning my work and werking my plan.

Whatever that thing is that keeps pulling on your thoughts. That idea that somehow always finds its way to the forefront of your mind, know that it is divine direction and go for it!

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