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So About Last Night: 3 Things Learned From A Social Distancing Party!

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

This ⬆️ is exactly how I felt when getting my party on last night!

Sis, I was minding my business, playing with my kids, and scrolling a bit on social media to stay updated on the latest news surrounding COVID-19. I kept seeing posts about a LIT Instagram party that had been going on since 2 PM! Initially I didn't pay it much attention - but it was now about 9 o'clock and the kids were headed to bed. My husband and I decided to get in on the fun! I'm not sure what I expected - but - this turned out to be the best party I have ever attended in my life! Let me remind you that I'm greek yall - I have definitely partied in my day! D-Nice, a well know DJ who started his career in the 80's as a member of a hip hop group - Bougie Down Productions, was serving all kinds of turn up as he played hit records that were sure to keep you singing to the top of your lungs and dancing in your living room all night long. No literally ALL NIGHT LONG! Viewers included a few of our favorite auntees - Michelle Obama, Mary J Blige, Tracee Ellis Ross and our cousins Rihanna (RiRi), Kelly Rowland