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Slow Down Sis! There's Just Something About The Journey!

There have been times in life that I was so concerned with the destination – that I can now look back and honestly say that I missed the opportunity to enjoy the journey. Time is precious and often times a very tricky thing. As I’m typing this blog post - I feel somewhat sorry for my younger self. I was such a youthful soul who didn’t understand that once certain times in life were gone - that you could never get them back.

The amazing thing about God is that he allows you to grow and mature in ways that are beyond imaginable. For me -  with maturity came the understanding that both the destination and seeing the beauty in the journey were equally important. I'm sure that many of you can relate to somewhat missing the lessons, the relevance, or even the necessity of the here and now.

There's one thing for certain and two things for sure – I daily put in work to  grow as a person and I’m committed to pouring anything learned into all of you. If you’re ready to change the tide of speed racing through life in a unhealthy hurry to reach your planned destination, keep reading girl. We’re about to work this thing all the way out! :)