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Cardi 101: Do You

Here’s the thing, regardless of how we feel about former exotic dancer - turned rapper Cardi B, the girl is as authentic as they come. She has definitely managed to be 100% true to herself, and I’m of the opinion that this is what led to what she calls “money moves.”

On the surface, I’m sure you would think that there isn’t much to learn from an unfiltered Bronx chick who says the unthinkable, and grabs her knees to twerk all while having a full fledge baby in tow. Her twerking at Coachella almost took me out of here! Only Cardi B! Personally, some of her tactics and the way she does what she does isn’t necessarily my flow; however, I do respect her spirit and her ability to be EXACTLY who she is. Cardi’s success teaches us that the often given advice to “do you” is more than just something to say. The reward in staying true to who you are as a person may be bigger than your wildest dream.

So the question becomes exactly how do you “do you” or how do you remain true to the realest version of yourself?