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In Full Agreement With Plies - Issa Vibe!

Last week, our favorite cousin Plies posted yet another car video to his Instagram account. I typically don’t catch all of his videos – but when my husband sent me this one! O yasssss cousin! Say it a little louder for the people in the back. Someone obviously called kinfolk with all kinds of negative energy, and sis, he had to let it be known that he DOES NOT DO BAD ENERGY!

Thousands of people showed their appreciation and the ability to relate through likes, comments, and repost. I sis was one in that number! My husband and I do our very best to keep positive energy around us at all times. When I was about 20 weeks pregnant, we decided that it would be fun to have a small gender reveal. I mean girl, as I shared here, I have a closet full of cute cloths so date nights, events, and vacations are my thing. I'm always looking for a reason to play dress-up and what better way than a reveal? LOL

Ok. Ok. Back to the point.

With very little planning and a simple text message to friends and family that we love and whom we respect the vibe they bring, the get-together turned out great! A few of our favs couldn't attend like my sister - but even she was on Facetime and didn't miss a beat. All of this is very important to me because from the womb to the world, I plan to teach my children how important vibes and discernment of good or bad vibes are. Through life's experiences, I've learned that you'll meet people who have the ability to feed your spirit man or either bleed it dry simply by their energy. My job is to always help you do your work - so listed below are 3 Ways To Protect Your Positive Energy:

1. Understand That You Are In Control:

At this point in life, there is no reason to allow anything to intrude on your peace. If being around something just doesn't feel right way down in your soul, lol, it isn't sis. Cut or minimize whatever it may be and move on with yo happy self! Intuition tells the truth no matter how weird it may seem. As Plies says, "hit end on they a**!"

2. Associate With People Who Appreciate The Now:

Yes, we all have goals and places that we would like to be in life, but it's also important to interact with people who celebrate with you today - not after you achieve a certain thing or make a certain amount of money. Invite those who understand th