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Take Out The Trash: Spring Clean Your Life!

Girl! March is here and in a few weeks it will officially be spring! I’m sure that on multiple occasions you have heard the talk of everyone preparing to spring clean their home. Ideally, this is a time when we prepare for the arrival of spring and summer. I mean chile we get to wiping walls, scrubbing baseboards, and throwing away anything that does not make us feel like a warm summer’s day.

This year, I begin to wonder why is it that we spend so much time cleaning our homes, yet we bring the same emotional and mental baggage into our space. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more refreshing than a clean house. I to tend to get in on the fun during this time of the year, but it’s time that we not only spring clean our homes, but also SPRING CLEAN OUR LIVES! I don’t know about you, but I have reached an age and mental place where I simply do not have the time. No time for fake friends, dead-end relationships, or pointless engagements.

Fake friends! Bless their little hearts. In very simple terms, they’re haters. These are the people who claim to love and want the best for you, but every chance they get they’ll slide in very slick doses of shade. I have a very long term friend who I love to death, but over the years I’ve realized that this chic doesn’t like me. Maybe it’s more jealousy than dislike, but whatever the case is, I’m over it. She and I will still deal in the time to come, but it will definitely be in very small doses. Don’t continue to subject yourself to the insecurities or lack of confidence of others. If you find yourself second-guessing the intentions of those around you, trust your gut girl and govern yourself accordingly.

Dead-end relationships! Sis, this is a blog post all by itself. If God has blessed you with an amazing mate, give him all the praise and check out my advice to smile and wear red pants! LOL. On the flip side, if you are a queen in waiting and find yourself questioning your position in the life of the person that you are dating, it may be time to take out the trash.

Men aren’t as complex as we think. If they sincerely care and want a relationship with you, there won’t be much room for questioning; they’ll make themselves perfectly clear.

Are their differences in the way that men and women communicate? Absolutely, but always remember that God has given us a gift of discernment that we sometimes refuse to use. Listen to me sis. Dust off the gift and if need be, let him go.

So the saying goes that birds of a feather flock together. I agree to a certain extent, but I also think we’ve been guilty of going along to get along. We’ve agreed to show-up and be among people who aren’t feeding our spirits or bringing positive energy into our lives. You’re invited to a dinner. The entire time that you’re there, the conversation is about who did what with whom. You end up spending your precious time listening to a bunch of gossip versus discussing ideas, beliefs, game plans, and uplifting each other. This is what I call a pointless engagement. You’ve gained absolutely nothing from this type of meetup. Girl who has time????

When it’s all said and done, tidying our homes is important, but Erykah Badu was on to something when she instructed that we pack light. I think I've quoted her quite a few times since starting this blog. If you hadn't figured it out, I'm a fan, but ok back to the point. LOL. In the months to come, take inventory and get rid of the things that aren't watering you. Do your work! Be intentional about protecting your space and the energy that is connected to you. Happy spring cleaning dolls!

Talk to you all soon.


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