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Staying Inspired In A World Full of BS

There's more going on in the world today than I can even wrap my head

around. Each week, there's a different tragedy or fatal incident that makes you question the mental state of those around you and even those in leadership. If you're like me, you don’t make it a point to tune in to televised coverage of every happening. I’m totally not the one who wakes up or spends any time in the evening watching the news. If I were asked for the news station in my area, I would literally have to google it. I have no idea what the station is!

At this point, I’m almost certain that I'm being somewhat extra, but I just can’t listen to what seems like constant negativity typically found when watching the news.

Even though times are getting pretty crazy and the cake and pie testimonies of people's lives feel as if they aren't celebrated, it's vital that we stay inspired, motivated, and encouraged. 

Initially, YOU MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER YOUR WHY! When we engage in various pursuits for reasons that are bigger than ourselves, we typically push forward with a different level of determination. For example, my husband and my son are two of my most prized possessions. I personally feel that I have to take care of myself in a way that will allow me to be here for them as long as I can. They inspire me to take care of my health, but to also keep going in other areas of my life. For me, its’ family, but for you it may be family, a certain personal goal, or even a friend. Whatever the case may be, you'll want to meet the expectation that you will not quit and that you'll stay motivated in life in general, and in pushing towards your goals. 

YOU MUST ALSO ALWAYS GUARD YOUR GATES! I know it sounds weird. You may even think that you have this area of your life under control. It’s amazing how certain songs, television shows, books, the latest slang, or that gossiping girlfriend can drain you and youonevenknowit. :) Years ago, before I was engaged, I loved Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones’s reality show. I mean absolutely loved it! During the last season that I watched, Chrissy was upset that Jim had not proposed to her. Watching the show literally made me just as antsy as she was!

I began to bombard my then boyfriend (man that sounds weird) with questions about marriage. When? Where? How? Poor thing, he probably had no clue that Chrissy and Jim were the cause of all the hell I was starting between us. As much as I loved the show, I had to cut it. I knew that a lot of the sudden discomfort that I felt in my relationship was because of what I allowed to flood the gates of my eyes and ears. 

Many of us feel that the things we watch are for entertainment purposes only. I believe that; however, I also believe that everything you hear, see, or experience affects you in some way. I’m at a point in MY life where women throwing drinks across a table, practically begging for their mates hand in marriage, and men acting like animals instead of kings just doesn’t entertain me anymore. 

I challenge you to take a week and be intentional about what you allow to enter your gates. Align these things more with who or what you want to be. Doing this will cause inspiration to naturally seek you. You’ll find yourself listening to podcasts or audio books. You'll begin to desire only those things that bring about love, light, and positive energy. Before you know it - it'll be a whole vibe! 

Remembering your why and guarding the things that enter your psyche only scratch the surface of killing the noise and staying inspired, but even making these minor adjustments will bring about the desire to do more.  My husband and I have adopted the motto "good vibes only." It started as something cool to say, but the more I have gotten into it, the more I've felt as if I were really putting in the work by taking out the trash and protecting the energy that is connected to me

Listen girl, I'm not suggesting that you take my word for any of this. I'm suggesting that you actually try it and pay attention to how you feel!

Talk to you all soon,


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