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How Pregnancy Changes The Game!

Sis - Let’s Be Real Girl - Pregnancy Definitely Changes the Game!

Hey girl hey! It’s been quite some time since we’ve talked right? Honey I have missed you. Months ago I got some very exciting news. The people at the doctor's office, as if I have no idea who my gynecologist is, told me that I was pregnant! WAIT! WHO IN THE HELL LEFT THE GATE OPEN? I guess I did huh – but that’s another story. LOL.

You know how people are all excited to find out they’re expecting and are bursting at the seams in anticipation of sharing the news? Yeah no that wasn’t me. My husband and I had gotten somewhat comfortable with my son being the only child. I always had the thought that I didn’t want my son to be alone, but at this point in life, I decided that I could live with it. I mean I’m fly and all, but as the seasoned saints say – “I ain’t no spring chicken.”

Even the best pregnancies come with a certain level of fatigue, anxiety, and hormonal changes. For me, being pregnant and parenting a kindergartner has been quite the task! First of all the kid has homework every night and second of all he's a true boy that always needs a reminder to be on his best behavior. Let me be the first to tell you that no matter what your circumstances are, when baking a little one, there will be times when you’ll be flat-out TIDE. Yes, you read that correctly, TIDE. Hormonal changes are usually the culprit for feelings of exhaustion. You literally feel like you can sleep for half of the day. No worries though hun! As always - I’m here to help you do your work.

For times sake, let's deal with probably the most prevalent change there is, fatigue. For those of you who may not have children as of yet, take notes girlfriend. Your time may be sooner than you think. :)

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated:

If you're not doing so already, you'll need to eat sensibly and stay hydrated. Your body will use all the goodness from a healthy diet as fuel and help you out in the energy department. In other words - back away from the cheese fries girl. Slowly back away! Now, I'm not suggesting that you not have fun and pig out at times. I mean pregnancy wouldn't be pregnancy if we didn't experience giving in to the cravings and wanting to eat an entire pizza! I suggest that you apply an 80/20 rule by making sure that you're being reasonable in the food department at least 80% of the time. Plan ahead and think about your meals from day to day. During the times that I leave what I'll be eating up to chance - it's almost always something I don't truly prefer.


You'll need more rest then ever before. It's perfectly fine if you can't do it all or if you just don't feel up to doing all the things that you use to. If the laundry isn’t taking over your house, do it the next day. If you hand wash dishes on the regular, get comfortable putting the dishwasher to use girl. Be intentional about slowing down a bit and finding the balance between maintaining order in your home and giving yourself a minute to exhale. Let me give you an example. On Saturdays, my husband and son already know momma makes a big breakfast. Instead of leaving them to fend for themselves, I get up, whip up a lil sum, and then take it right back to bed. They eat as usual and I'll also rest. Balance, at it's finest! LOL. Find ways to cut a few corners and take the time to chill out and relax a bit. You'll feel much better and your body will definitely thank you!

Although this is my first blog post dedicated to encouraging moms or moms in waiting - it won't be my last. Signup for my email list by clicking here and be the first to know of other motivational blogs as well as my journey through this roller-coaster called pregnancy. Hugs and kisses guys!


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