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Vacation! Baecation! Baby-moon! Why You Need One-On-One Time.

Lean in close sis. No seriously, get a little closer to your screen. I have a secret to share with you and we don’t need the men all in our business! Are you ready? Here goes! IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL THAT YOU SPEND UNINTERRUPTED ONE-ON-ONE TIME WITH YOUR MAN! Did you get that? Let me say it again – it is necessary that you spend time, one-on-one, with your boo.

So often the grind of everyday life turns us into women who are handling business in terms of the kids, running our own businesses, and helping family and friends. Our poor men are busy taking care of honey do lists and wondering when we’ll play dress up, smell sum nice, and give them our undivided attention. I’m the wife that if too many date nights are missed, baby I have a attitude (don't judge me girl - I'm working on it). Not only is spending time together important to my husband, but it’s also a must for me. I’m at the age where clubbing doesn’t interest me, but I have a closet full of cute cloths that need to be worn. That means date night and planned trips it is! LOL

Now I understand that we can’t carve out this type of time on a daily basis. The truth is – it’s simply not possible. There just aren’t enough hours in the day girl. What is possible though, is a vacation, baecation, or even a baby- moon. Being that husband and I will be adding a plus one to our home soon, it was a must that we take the latter.

By now I'm sure you've noticed that I love love, relationships, or anything of the sort. This post could get super long, but I'll quickly hit a few highlights of why baby-moons, or whatever fits your situation is important, and I'll also share a few pics of our trip to MIA.

Give Me The Tea Sis. Why Is This Important?

I know you love your kids, your job, and maybe even your dog, but you never want to get to a place where you and your significant other lose the friendship that likely brought the two of you together. You need to laugh together. Enjoy each other and have adult fun. Neither of you need to turn into the “boring” mate that “use to” be intriguing, interesting, or fun to be around.

  • Intimacy. Chilllleeee listen - a change of environment will do wonders for intimacy. I don’t care if you and your husband get a room in the city that you live in – it’s something about being in a different location that causes sexual energy to run high. You’ll find yourself doing the things that you may not have done in a while. Let’s face it – kids come knocking at the door at any time and some levels of intimacy require your uninterrupted focus. Stop it girl! You know exactly what I mean. Lol.

Now - Let's chat about Miami a bit. My husband and I wanted to take a very quick trip, but wanted there to be plenty of sun, a beach, and an amazing night life. As always, Miami delivered just that and more! Check out a few of our pics below.

View From Our Room - Hilton Downtown MIA

Juvia - Rooftop Bar

Juvia - Dinner

Millionaire's Row Cruise

Wynwood Walls - Art District

So - what exactly am I suggesting? 1st I suggest that you click here and signup for my email list. Stay connected girl for other fun blogs, motivational emails, and other tidbits about love and relationships. 2nd I'm suggesting that you plan some time with you man and report back! I would love to know how it goes!


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