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Good To Be Blessed - Better To Be A Blessing

Hey girl hey! Happy Holidays. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sure many of you are busy spending time with your family and friends. This time of the year typically brings good food, laughter, and plenty of fun for the kids.

2018 has been an interesting year. There were people in my life who lost loved ones that were very dear to them. Today I can’t help but to think about how the holidays may not feel and look the same for those who are missing their angels. It’s important that as women who are constantly doing the work – that we not forget our friends and family who may not necessarily be in the “holiday spirit.”

Maybe you aren’t good with these type of situations and or you have no idea how to help. See below girlfriend. I’m sure those connected to you will appreciate the fact that they are still in your thoughts during this time:

  • Be a sounding board: Be open to listening to your friend or family members’ feelings. Let them know that a period of grieving is necessary and that they should take the time to do so. However, also encourage them to go through it and not get stuck in the healing process.

  • Invite them to attend family parties, events, or spend a little time outside of the house with you. Getting outside of the four walls that they live in will definitely take their mind off of things for a second and allow them to enjoy. The idea isn't to make them act as if nothing happened - but to take a minute to relax.

  • A kind gesture goes a long way. If you can, give them something sentimental but uplifting in honor of the person that they have loss. One year for Christmas – I gave my husband a leather monogrammed bracelet with his mother’s birth date. Now – this wasn’t the most lavish gift I could have given him – but he loved it and still wears it to this day. It's definitely the thoughtfulness that counts.

Holiday depression is real sis, but we don’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch people that we care about suffer alone. My family and I are wishing you all an amazing holiday and an even better New Year!

Enjoy these days off work and eat enough for me. I’m still over here on a meat and veggies diet girl. We’ll see how this holiday food goes. LOL!

Be Blessed,


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